Caring for Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

hair extension with different colors

Women have learned a secret to keep their hair natural and impressive; they use extensions. The natural hair extension is easy to apply and maintain as long as you find the best match. You will have a great look while in the natural hair extension just like your own.

You need to keep this extension moisturized and conditioned regularly to prevent it from tangling over time. When you buy the best clip in human hair extensions, it is important that you know how to take good care of them.


Finally, you need to rinse the extension in cold, clean water. Allow them to dry, then comb to prevent them from tearing out when they are wet.


woman in a bathrobeHydrating your hair extension is significant to keep them in the right condition and maintain quality. However, beware that it is extremely important to use shampoo and conditioner that is high quality and sulfate free.

Keeping the hair moisturized and hydrated will prevent it from tearing off. On the other hand, you need to use one line of hair care products, which are specifically manufactured to work with hair extension as well as natural hair. Focus on using the quality hair care products; this will boost the quality of your hair extension.


After you wash your hair extension following the correct procedure, you need to comb them to remove any tangles. Just like your natural hair, you need to ensure that the extensions are moisturized when they feel dry. However, you need to do it attentively. Make sure you do not over moisturize your extension because if you do, the extension will grow oily and flat. You should do the moisturizing once in a while.

woman with blonde hair


Style your extensions the right way to minimize damaging your natural hair. To achieve the best look, you should avoid blow-drying your extensions. You only need to heat style your hair extension when they are completely dry.

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