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4 Things you should do before picking a web hosting service

Apr 12, 2016 | Posted by in Tech | 0 comments

In this day and age, almost all businesses need to have a strong online presence. The first step towards that is launching a company website. This is where a lot of people make the mistake of choosing any random web hosting service. To be honest, the market is flooded with web hosting companies who try to lure in customers by offering cheap and often free services. However, if your decision of picking a web hosting service is solely based on cheaperWeb Hosting cost, then you are simply not thinking ahead. Instead, you should choose the best web hosting now so that your website gets the proper platform to grow in the future. Helping you take an informed decision, here’s our list of 4 things you need to do before picking a web host.

Understand Your Need: The first thing you need to do is understand what you want from your website and draw up a plan for the future. If you are opening a website just for the fun of it, then you can probably go for any of the free hosting services. However, if you plan to sell products and services directly through your website, then it’s best to find a reputed host.

Investigate Up Time: Web hosting companies proudly feature their uptime percentages on their official websites. Even though you should ideally go for hosts that have the best percentage, you should never trust a service claiming to have 100% uptime. This is because maintaining a 100% uptime is impossible, and even the best and the most expensive web hosting services experience technical issues and downtimes.

Consider Scalability: There are a lot of free web hosting services Web Hosting serviceswho simply do not have the capability to host a corporate website. To make matters worse a lot of them create unnecessary complications when you want to switch you site to another host. This is why it’s best to pick a reputed service that have a long history of hosting giant corporate websites. It’s important to remember that it’s always easier to opt for a cheap package and upgrade it later to suit your websites growing needs than to switch web hosting companies.

Check Quality Of The Technical Support: It’s unrealistic to expect that your website is never going to face downtimes or technical issues. What you ideally should look at is a web hosting service that has a great technical support team. The tech support should not only be well equipped but also have quick response time. The best way to find that out is by reading reviews. Hosts with a good technical support history should have relatively less negative reviews and complaints. It’s best to stay clear of services that do not have a dedicated tech support team and only offer support through online forums.

Newest Smartphones

Feb 18, 2015 | Posted by in Tech | 0 comments

holding phoneWhat are the newest smartphones in the market today? Well, there are so many smartphones available and being released periodically. Every mobile phone manufacturer is working around the clock to produce something new and unique to the market. The manufacturers are highly motivated by the high demand that is among the consumers who are constantly looking for something new to add to their gadget collection.

First on the newest smartphones list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is a powerful smartphone with a 5.7 Super AMOLED display that has a very high resolution. This phablet comes with a very strong camera that makes some scenes more dramatic than in real life because of Samsung’s high image processing capabilities. Just to show how powerful this phone is, it comes with 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 801 processor. To add to its amazing features, it has a 3220 mAh Fast Charging. As expected, the Note 4 comes with the S Pen for added convenience.

kind of smartphonesThe next smartphone to put in focus is the iPhone 6. This model hit the market in a storm and made large sales over a very short span. In fact, its sales got so high that Apple became the second most profitable company globally in 2014. The smartphone is the best of Apple’s releases so far. It comes with iOS 8 and a 4.7 inch screen. This is Apples’ largest smartphone screen size. This move was to counter the competition from other manufacturers who produce larger screens.

old phone modelsThe last to discuss of the latest smartphones in the market is the HTC One M8. It is beyond doubt that HTC are in the front row in developing one of the best gadgets to fit the century’s needs. This is the second in the One M series, and so far they are doing very well. The smartphone sets itself apart from its competitors with its exclusive features. For instance, its duo camera is a winner for photography lovers. It is fast and smart. It has a Boomsound upgrade with its front facing speakers. The Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM are features that add immensely to its uniqueness and power.

When it comes to smartphones, it is never easy to pick the best. Each manufacturer has something unique to their product. This is the beauty of smartphones that has led to an individual craving for multiple phones. An individual might desire the Note 4’s outstanding camera, the iPhone’s incredible User Interface or the HTC One’s beautiful design. Each of the newest smartphones in the market has a unique feature that its competitors lack.