What You Should Know About Solar Roofing

solar roofing

Most people hesitate to install solar roofs. This is because they believe these roofs are bulky. Nowadays, solar roofing is a good alternative. The roof usually consists roof tiles, which interlock with the existing tiles. Roofing, it has benefits of panels in aesthetic form. These are some things to know about solar roofing:

Difference between solar roofing and solar panels
Solar panels are designed to be rigid, and its modules covered with glass. Panels are mounted on racks on the existing roof. On the other hand, solar roofing is made of roof tiles with several solar roofing 1photovoltaic elements, which interlock existing roof tiles. They are an integral part of the roof. They protect your home and produce power at the same time. Therefore, it does multi-tasking at its best.

Roof tiles combine aesthetics with functionality. Tiles have the ability to mimic the color and shape and of the existing tile. They will not change the silhouette of your roof. Also, they are less conspicuous from the road. Associations that disapproved traditional solar panels are now approving solar roofing.

The main disadvantage of solar roof tiles is the high cost associated with them. They are more complex and expensive to install as compared to solar panels. You should ensure your roofing contractor is reliable and experienced to do the job. The efficiency of solar panels is higher than that of solar roofing. Therefore, this implies that you require more roof area to produce the same amount of power.

man setting solar roofing You can find solar roof tiles that match your existing tiles. These tiles come in broad range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, it is easy to get high-quality solar tiles that match your house roof tiles. You can ask solar consultants and experts on the different roof tiles.

Solar roofing is also known as building-integrated photovoltaics. It requires a higher level of expertise and experience to achieve good results. It is advisable to choose a professional installer with many years experience in solar roofing. Ask for the license of installer and certifications. A good company should have a history of doing professional jobs and provide back up warranties. Depending on geographic location, the amount of power you can get from your roof varies. You can get an estimate from a professional roofing contractor. In addition, the tiles should face west, east or south. This ensures your roof gets an adequate amount of energy.

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