The Woman’s Wardrobe

Womens Clothes for work

Womens’ wardrobes always carry a whole host of Clothing items, Shoes, Belts, and Jewellery. The rate at which items are discarded is also very high.

Most women give top priority to their clothing items, and these items are very costly most of the time. If they could afford it, the contents of the wardrobe are changed every 3 Months. This is because fashion designers put out different styles for each season. The discarded items usually end up in a thrift shop or the garbage pile.

Women’s clothing is of two types.They can be mass produced and Womens Clothes imported from countries where labour is cheap. Alternatively, they are known as one of a type Designer Clothing. While the mass-produced clothing could be less expensive, the designer clothing is sold to an exclusive clientele at exorbitant prices. This clientele includes prominent socialites, actresses and models.

Clothing is usually sold in 4 sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra large. The extra large size is casually referred to as big mama. The small and medium sizes are popular because even a woman with a large bust and broad hips would try to squeeze into one of the smaller sizes. Stores that recognize this aspect of women’s clothing set up separate outlets to cater to the big mamas. Those who patronise these shops are not embarrassed by the presence of fellow customers who also use outsized clothing.

Clothes that are ordered by retail shops are placed in garment factories about six or seven months prior to the beginning of the season. For instance, fall items are ordered late in the previous winter. Clothes designers keep churning out new styles to fit in with this programme.

Womens Clothes on mannequin All the leading clothes retailers have online buying facilities. One such retailer’s website is The retailer based in Australia imports goods from China, Srilanka and Bangladesh along with designer clothing. Those who are quite sure about the size specifications of what they want could purchase their clothes online. However, the safety of the fitting room cannot be overestimated, where you would get something that fits well and is to your liking.

Unlike men, women are extremely fashion conscious and would not wear the same dress twice or if it is out of fashion in the wrong season. For instance, a woman does not like to be seen in a dress fashioned for spring, during the Summer. They also spend a considerable amount of time choosing and trying various items of clothing.

There is also the wise woman who would buy her clothes from the basement sale of a retailer, once the season is over.

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