Electronic liquids reviews

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Electronic liquids are also known as E-liquid or E-Juices. They are used in the electronic cigarettes and vapors as the main ingredient and component. Without the e-liquids, it would not be possible for people to enjoy vaping experience. Companies like Dynamic Creations have dedicated to making electronic liquids that are of high quality. The E-liquid market has expanded as more people are moving from analog cigarettes to vaping. Vaping as well goes beyond a regular e-cigarette as people vape for experience and lifestyle.

What are E-liquids?

They are liquids that are used in the E-cigarettes or vape boxes. The liquidsmall bottles of E-liquids is made of vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol and sometimes a combination of the two. They also have nicotine and various flavors. Most companies put an emphasis of the favors as this is what attracts most customers. Some prefer strawberries, others vanilla, menthol or one of many flavors that are available. The E-juices will also come in different levels of nicotine. The most common are mild, medium and high.

Some E- liquid brands in the market

Creation Dynamics

They produce a wide array of E-liquid flavors. They boast that they can produce all flavors that customers desire. They specialize in the mass production of E-liquids and can brand for other companies as well. The popular flavors they have are strawberry, vanilla, and mint among others. They custom make their products to required specifications and hence loved by many all over the world.

Vapor Fi E-liquid

They offer a broad variety of E-liquids regarding flavors. One can mix some flavors to make your cocktail. This capability is rare and not offered by many brands. The popular flavors they have are strawberry shortcake ice cream, Sahara Gold tobacco, and mighty menthol. Their E-liquids are smooth and made from the finest products.

V2 Platinum E-liquid

E-liquidsThe company is called V2, and it is best known to produce platinum products. They do not produce much, but they are detailed in what they do. They have perfected every ingredient they produce to give one of the finest ever. The common flavors they produce are cherry platinum E-liquids, mojito platinum e-liquids, and green tea menthol E-liquids. This are just a few example as they also have many more others.


The review covers just a few examples. Production of E-liquids is becoming popular as more people are moving to E-cigarettes which have many advantages associated with them.