Uses, Features, and Benefits of Pipe Purging Inflatable Bladders

Pipe purging inflatable bladders are very useful. It also comes with a wide array of features. Other than that it also carries a lot of benefits. In this article, we will discuss the utilization, features, and advantages of pipe purging inflatable bladder systems. Read on to learn more about their uses, features, and benefits.




When it comes to pipe purging inflatable bladders, you should know that regarding their uses, there is a wide array of several different and various utilizations. One of the most prominent and notable applications of this system is its ability to create an impermeable seal so that during welding and pipe purging, it can consume the tiniest amount of purge gas possible.

The features that come with this system enables an operator to be able to make several different configurations, which includes a reducer and a one-sided pipe stopper. This system is ideal when applied to fabrication shops. With its design that can be considered advanced, it gives the complete solution for every pipe-purging needs.


When we talk about pipe purging inflatable bladders, we cannot stray away from its great features. When it comes to the features, there is a wide array of different types of features that are very beneficial and adds significant value to the system.

One of the most notable features is the high heat extended harnesses that enable the bladders to be located outside of the zone that is heat affected, and they are also able to support any pre-heating or high-heat applications adequately. It also comes with quick connect interchangeable fittings that can snap in place and enables easy disassembly and assembly of the components.

It also features proprietary relief valves that prevent the risk of over-inflation. Other than that, this system also has an inert gas diffuser that can reduce turbulence since it disperses the inert gas in all directions equally. It also consists of an inner tubing system, some pull loops, a carrying bag, a pipe reducer, as well as an isolator inflatable pipe stopper and a single purge bladder.



When we want to talk about the benefits of the pipe purging inflatable bladder, it can easily be said that there are many advantages that you can gain and benefit from it. Firstly, it comes in a wide range of sizes that can be bought individually or as a complete system, which is a distinct benefit if you desire additional sizes or if you need to replace a component.

Other than that, you can use it to create multiple configurations. It is also a very versatile and innovative pipe purging system that can save your time and money while achieving high-quality and consistent welds.

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