Chiang Mai Adventures, What to do there!

Chiang Mai cultural dance

Chiang Mai, the 5th biggest city of Thailand which is unequivocally well-known for its rich green yards, stunning mountains, and amazing looking plains. Situated on an astounding plain at the altitude of 316 m, it is more tranquil and green than the capital of Thailand.

Getting there

You will be landing at Chang Mai International Airport if you are coming by plane. A number of bus services run from the Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal for the destination of Chiang Mai. Train facilities are likewise available if you like using them.

NavigatinCM Food

An unconventional way of traveling inside this city is by using the songthaew. Tuk-tuks and Samlor are great affordable options for the roadways of Chiang Mai. Other alternatives like the bus, walking, modern-day taxi, bike, and cars also exist for your convenience.


As mountains confine the area of Chiang Mai, the weather experienced by it is different from the weather conditions in other parts of Thailand. Winter season usually lasts from the end of October to the late of February. The majorly cold months are the months of December and January. It begins sprinkling from early July till the end of October.


If you are in Chiang Mai, opt to consume classic Thai food. Khao soi, yellow wheat noodles in curry with Chicken or Beef or Seafood need to be your top priority right here. All type of food is offered for all kinds of budgets. You can also buy American food in many restaurants in Chiang Mai.

Museums and Temples

Chiang Mai has a rich heritage in regards to its history and religious affairs. Chiang Mai National Museum, University Art Museum, and Postal Museum are the perfect versions of Chiang Mai’s love for history. A special museum also exists which is called as Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders. There are almost 300 temples here.

Chiang Mai Festivals

Chang Mai flowers festival is held on an annual basis on the very first weekend of February. The shimmering and dynamic colors that get shown at that time are merely unparalleled. For flower enthusiasts, it is the very best location for you because Royal Exposition is another celebration held to showcase a diversified variety of orchids to the travelers. Loi Krathong Celebration is another prominent event in which candle lights are put in colorful lanterns and fireworks.


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